December 2020



"MADE from Drapes Headbands, pillows, Wearable Art Scarves, Giclee Art  and More!" PRE ORDER NOW !

                       PRE-ORDER NOW!  Beautifully designed scarves by Debbie Turner!

Coming Soon: Headbands,  Triangle scarves, Throw Pillows, Kerchiefs, men's neckties,

  PINK PARASOLS are in the works!

Happy New Year and may God Bless 2021!

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In reflecting back on 2020, it has certainly been one for the books! 

It all started out so wonderfully with a trip with my best travel buddy to visit my daughter and family and newest grandbaby in England, then on to my favorite city in the world, Salzburg, Austria.  I took my first ever COMPLETE Sound of Music Tour with Panorama Tours.  (Have only taken 1/2 the tour before) It was so worth it just to experience the scenery.  We traveled home to arrive in a blizzard.