Happy New Year and may God Bless 2021!

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In reflecting back on 2020, it has certainly been one for the books! 

It all started out so wonderfully with a trip with my best travel buddy to visit my daughter and family and newest grandbaby in England, then on to my favorite city in the world, Salzburg, Austria.  I took my first ever COMPLETE Sound of Music Tour with Panorama Tours.  (Have only taken 1/2 the tour before) It was so worth it just to experience the scenery.  We traveled home to arrive in a blizzard. 

So, now settling back in to a Midwest winter, grumblings of a virus start to happen.  A Pandemic is announced and all of a sudden all freedoms disappear.  Masks suggested, then required.  Pandemic getting worse.  What is this mess?  The last pandemic of record that was this bad was in 1918, the year my dad was born.  (Hmmm, a little too much indoors time?)  Anyhow, all my weddings with the exception of two cancelled until later notice or 2021.  In the mean time, my daughter, Brooke, at the recommendation of my SOM sis, Angela Cartwright, started and ETSY page selling masks.  She was so over whelmed that I went up to visit her and to give her a hand with the little ones and whatever sewing I could assist with.   I had the thought early on that it would be fun to make some out of the curtain fabric from The Sound of Music playclothes.  I had been searching for some time, anyway, for this elusive fabric and then one day I happened upon it!  I eventually ended up buying all she had and started making masks!  

I put up a few mask photos on my Facebook page, just to see if there was interest.  As I was working on my webpage to set it up, I didn't realize it was LIVE and there were three sales before I really was even ready! 

So, long story short, I've been making masks pretty much non-stop since September 2020.  I've also designed some beautiful scarves and have so many other items on the docket, so I hope you will stay tuned!

God Bless your New Year, 2021!