Merry Christmas

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As we enter into the final week of Christmas, the hustle and bustle of the holiday is seemingly different than what I remember as a child.  Good friends are having quiet times and less communication than I've seen in the past.  Perhaps people are finally realizing that Christmas isn't about the presents and Santa Claus, but actually about the birth of Jesus Christ.  I'm OK with the quiet.  It makes me think about those in unfortunate situations and pray for them.  It makes me remember my parents and how much they embraced Christmas, making sure we all were dressed in beautiful outfits and would attend Midnight Mass at out local Catholic church.  A beautiful turkey meal was made with all the fixings (just like we had only one month earlier).  Christmas morning was spent ripping paper off of gifts and then there was that one "special" gift (Santa Claus?).                                                                   

It makes me cherish my family,  daughters, sons in law and the sparkling faces of my beautiful grandchildren.  The best blessing of all. We spend Christmas eve by going to our non-denominational Christian church.  Then pot luck dinner at my mother-in-law's home.  THen the story of the birth of Jesus is read to the kids. 

This year on Christmas Day I will be honoring my "Salzburg" history and making weinerschnitzel (Actually I'm making hähnchenschnitzel, which is the chicken version of weinerschnitzel). My dear friend, Stefan Herzl of Panorama Tours shared his recipe! Garnished with lingnon berries, served with potatoes.

Here's wishing you a beautiful holiday.  Merry Christmas!