"MADE from Drapes MASKS, Wearable Art Scarves and More!" PRE ORDER NOW !

                       PRE-ORDER NOW!  Beautifully designed scarves by Debbie Turner!

Coming Soon: Headband-Masks!  Regular Headbands, Throw Pillows, Kerchiefs, men's neckties,

  PINK PARASOLS are in the works!

Child Size

PRE ORDER NOW!! Mask from Drapes Child



Own a piece of nostalgia !  Limited Edition. 
Masks made in the same quality and fabric as their adult  masks are now available.
My masks are hand made with similar fabrics to the von Trapp kid's curtain play clothes as seen in the movie The Sound of Music.
I played Marta von Trapp, and everytime I wear my mask I think of my Favorite Things. 
Adjustable elastic for an excellent fit.  Made in the U.S.A. - Look for "Debbie Turner" on the tag. 
Due to overwhelming demand, my von Trapp fingers are sewing as fast as they can.  Please be patient and your order will go out as soon as possible!  IF SOLD OUT, more will be added in the coming days.