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                  Available NOW!  Beautifully designed scarves by Debbie Turner!

NOW AVAILABLE: Edelweiss Seeds right from the Bavarian Alps ~


Debbie Turner Originals is and has been a full-service Wedding Flower and Event Design Company for 30 years. I am so thrilled to say that I am booking so many weddings this year.  It's as if the world was put on hold for two years, and now we an get back to life as we know it!

 I have ventured into designing scarves with a design much like the iconic green & white fabric that Maria made our play clothes out of.   The scarves are a super soft modal/cashmere blend. My other design is a colorful scarf designed from the artwork I created called "The Family von Trapp".   Check out my  SHOP.   In addition to scarves & Marta's Drapes wear, there's movie memorabilia and 'The Sound Of Music Scrapbooks'.

Check back for the new items, coming soon! Headbands, pillows, travel pillow covers and more items being dreamed up daily!


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