"MADE from MARTA, Wearable Art Scarves, "NEW! Edelweiss Seeds"and "pressed dried Edelweiss", Giclee Art  and More!" ORDER NOW !

                  Available NOW!  Beautifully designed scarves by Debbie Turner!

NOW AVAILABLE: Edelweiss Seeds AND Pressed Dried Edelwerisss fresh from the Bavarian Alps ~


Debbie Turner Originals is and has been a full-service Wedding Flower and Event Design Company for 30 years. Once the Covid 19 Pandemic hit in March of 2020, the event business took on a different direction with many weddings postponing into this year. 

While quarantining went into affect, I spent a lot of time searching for the fabric used for the drapes outfits in The Sound of Music.  My original intent was to design cloth dolls wearing the outfits we wore.  I thought it might be fun to design masks, if I could just find the fabric.  Then voila'!  I found it.  A supplier had some so I bought what I thought was a huge amount (at the time), ten yards.  I made a few masks, just for fun, with the fabric and in one day I got over 11,000 hits on my FaceBook page.  I then into production of these masks, doing it all myself.  I purchased  more fabric and was very busy ever since!  Now I have ventured into designing scarves with "The Family von Trapp" design I did 8 years ago. Also available now are  the iconic green & white fabric design, super soft modal/cashmere blend.

And...remember, quality takes time.  Each Marta's Drapes fabric item is made personally by me.  I get a little behind once in a while and  work day and night to get them finished and shipped to you! 

Check out our SHOP.   In addition to scarves & Marta's Drapes wear, there's movie memorabilia and 'The Sound Of Music Scrapbooks'. I would stil love to design your weddings, once the world has opened back up!

Check back for the new items, coming soon! Headbands, men's ties, pillows and more items being dreamed up daily!