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Merry Christmas

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As we enter into the final week of Christmas, the hustle and bustle of the holiday is seemingly different than what I remember as a child.  Good friends are having quiet times and less communication than I've seen in the past.  Perhaps people are finally realizing that Christmas isn't about the presents and Santa Claus, but actually about the birth of Jesus Christ.  I'm OK with the quiet.  It makes me think about those in unfortunate situations and pray for them.  It makes me remember my parents and how much they embraced Christmas, making sure we all were

Looking Beyond

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I am now looking beyond the bad that has encompassed the world for the past nearly two years and enjoy watching  "The Great Awakening".  People world wide are realizing that this was all just a power grab by authorities all around the world to fit into Klaus Schwab's "Great Reset".  Not so fast, dude!