JUNE 2019



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We are finally in the thick of wedding season.  The trending nuptual colors this year are the lovely subtle pale peaches, cream & white with a hint of mint and lavender.  The heavy, heavy mountaind of eucalyptus are making way for a lighter and more colorful array of roses and mixes of pastel flowers such as freesia, hydrangea, peonies and garden roses. 

Gardens are thriving this June.  Brilliant colors abound!  Hot pinks, purple & red!  White, yellow and orange.  A little sprinkle of fertilizer and sunshing and water and things are blooming beautifully!  I love the wildness of the mandevilla plants and the strict conformity of the geraniums.  The spark of yellow with Biden's Bees (no relation to Joe), and the soon to be gone pansies are struggling to show their last week of color before going dormant in the hot summer temps.    Keep em' hydrated, folks! Happy Gardening!